Roti/Chapati Pressing Machine With Roasting Unit (JK-2001)

Product Description

Product Specification

Multipurpose Chapati / Roti / Pita Bread / Arebic Kubos / Tortilla / Paratha / Pori / Jowar Roti Making Machine


Machine Specifications :

 Machine Capacity : Upto 1050 Pc/Hour
 Size Of Roti / Chapati  :  2 Inch To 9 Inch (Adjustable)
 Thickness Of Roti / Chapati  1 mm to 5 mm (Adjustable)
 Speed Of Machine:  Drive System (Adjustable)
Power Consumption:  1.2 Unit/Hour Approx


Electrical Specifications 

 Power :  1.5 KW
 Voltage :  230 V / 50 Hz / Single Phase ( Can Be Customized According To Country-Wise Compatibility )


Machine Size & Weight :

 Machine Dimension:  56x16x18 inches
 Weight :  195kg.


Technical Specification:

 The Machine Body Are Manufactured in Stainless Steel 304 (Food Graded Material.)
 All The Mechanical Parts Of The Machines Are Made Up Of Aluminium Material. (Food Graded Material.)
 Thickness Adjustment Facility Is Provided.
 There Is Castle Wheel (With Brake System) Installed For The Easy Movement Of The Machine.
 All Electric PLC Parts of Schneider Electric. (Made In Indonesia)
 Internationally Standard Branded Electrical Panel Accessories.
 Electric Motor 0.5 HP (1 Nos)
 Warm Gear Box (Made In Italy)
 The Roasting Will Be Done Manual Roasting Unit (Tava)
 All Safety Features Available In Machine as Per Global Euro Standard

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